walking the path

by Prosad

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Walk 04:12
Walk I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk Fearless through the night, I will walk I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk Until I reach the light, I will walk Ha ya ya… (Chant) I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk Fight to make things right, as I walk I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk Until I reach the light, I will walk I won’t give up! I won’t give in! I will find, Courage within! I believe that we can be free When we liberate our minds and we see What we think becomes who we are So look inside and see… who you are I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk By faith and not by sight, I will walk I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk Until I reach the light, I will walk I won’t give up! I won’t give in! I will find, Courage within! I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk…..
Drummer 03:40
Drummer You are the potter and I am the clay I am the heart strings upon which You play You are the writer and I am Your pen I am Your story You are the tiller and I am the soil You are the lamp flame and I am the oil I am the starlight and You are the star I am Your glory Chorus: Beat, Beat, Oh Drummer of my heart Pound, pound, the rhythm of my part Dance, dance, to it’s ebbing and it’s flow Beat, beat, oh drummer of my soul You are the bliss that my heart will taste You are the sweet lover that I have chased I am the flower and you are the nectar I am you beauty I am the leaves in your sweet summer wind You are the sunrise that will never end We are the lovers alone in the grass We are forever (Chorus)
Same Sky 04:41
Same Sky I wish that I could share these stars with you I wish that we could see the same view But you’re so far away Can you hear me say… You have given so much to me You gave it all and still said I was free I felt all of your love It helped me rise above, myself There’s an ocean between us A whole different sky I still think about you The days roll on by I’m living my dreams It’s been a good year But it’s not the same Without you here Like parallel lines We are the same We never meet eye to eye Are we so different? So many miles apart Or are we beneath the same sky? Same Sky, You and I I wish that I could share this all with you Your belief in me has started to come true Remember when we dreamed this Lying in your bed Our stars may be different But it’s still like I said… Same Sky, You and I
In Your Love 04:20
In Your Love And if You are in the sky, I will grow wings I will fly Even if I melt away And if you are in the ground, I will dig until You’re found, Until my dying day Chorus: Cause I want You, I want You, In Your love I’ll melt away And if You are in the night, I will build a fire light Even if it burns me down And if You are in the sea, I will swim into the deep Even if I have to drown Chorus Bridge: Like the river never knows the sea Or the seed, never sees the tree So I’ll never really know Your love Until I lose myself in You and You are me (Verse) If You’re in the Milky Way, I’ll build a ship and fly away Even if I’m lost out there If You’re in the smallest place, I’ll dissolve into space Even if I disappear Now my Love I want to die today Fall into your arms and melt away Chorus
Best Friend 04:10
Best Friend I have walked a thousand miles, and you’ve been there with me And no matter how I’ve changed, with you myself was all that I ever had to be You pick me up when I’m feelin’ down, and I can’t help but smile when you are around Don’t you know you’re my best friend, You’re my best friend till the end! Kickin’ back and feelin’ free, you and I both know that’s how life is supposed to be I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine, Well life can bring it on because together we’ll be fine! Don’t you know you’re my best friend, You’re my best friend till the end! There is no way to show that it’s your blood in my heart There is no way to show it’s your spirit in my soul There is no power that could tear us apart But there is one thing that I know! (You’re my best friend) If there’s anything you need, I’m gonna give it to you We’re gonna live a life of joy, And help each other make each other’s dreams come true! Don’t you know you’re my best friend, You’re my best friend till the end! My love for you could never end, Cause don’t you know you’re my best friend!
Loving You 03:43
Loving you Intro: I can travel the stars, within You Universe in Your eyes, I’m surfin on love There’s a river inside, of silence And it’s screaming to me I am that I am that I am that I am! When I look into Your eyes, Brighter than a million suns I feel the You inside of me Burn away all illusions Chorus: And Your light, washes over me And Your love, is redeeming me And Your song, is inside of me I explode across an endless sea Loving You is loving Me You take me deep inside of me To hear that secret songbird sing It is the love You gave to me I am that sacred melody Chorus Repeat Intro
Lullaby 03:44
Lullaby Don’t search too far, and don’t search too wide Cause I’m there with you, I’m there inside Don't travel too far, or stay there too long Be still where you are and sing your heart's song Chorus: Love, love with all your heart and your strength Love, love with all your mind and your soul Love and I will make you whole And I know your hurt, and I know your pain And I’ll cry with You, until You laugh again No matter where you are, or what you’ve been through Just call out My name, and I’m waiting for you Chorus


On Sept 27th 2015, there was a full moon eclipse in the northern hemisphere (the "blood moon" eclipse). It started at 5pm in BC, right about the time that I started this recording and reached its peak at about 7pm, around the time that I was walking down the mountain in the dark. Earlier that afternoon I had driven down the backroads of Squamish BC, found an unmarked trail through the woods and carried my guitar and recording gear to the top of a mountain. I lit a fire and proceeded to record this organic acoustic album, live in one take.

This recording represents a return to my roots, the completion of a full cycle of life experiences and the beginning of a new cycle of creation as an artist and a person. I have returned to my origins, but I now see myself and the world with totally different eyes… I have been transformed by multiple journeys across the world and by my journey within myself. My own path reminds me of Joseph Campbell's archetypal "hero's journey", where each of us must go on a quest, fight battles, transform ourselves and then return home, changed and yet the same. We are the same as we were when we left, but we have become a more authentic version of ourselves.

Some of the songs presented here are new, but most are older, written at the start of my journey as a man forging his path in the world. They speak of a spiritual journey, a path that must be walked, the strength it takes to walk the path and the courage it takes to face yourself and your fears on the way to waking up. It speaks to becoming the being that you know you can be and dreaming the life that you want to live, until it becomes the reality that you are living.

This album represents a moment in time. A brief respite, away from computers and world instruments, back to a simpler and more organic approach - just me and my guitar in the forest, expressing my true self fearlessly with songs. This is who I am at my deepest. The sanctuary of the old trees and the mother ocean nearby gave me the power to return to my true self and create fearlessly…. to express who I am from my core. I want to share this album with you as part of my creative process and my spiritual journey. It is raw, it is rough, it is real and honest and full of feeling. I hope that you can feel the love and energy behind the words, the music and the singing.


released November 3, 2015

Prosad - vocals, guitar, video and audio production


all rights reserved




Prosad is a singer-songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist who plays sitar, guitar, didgeridoo, bansuri, saxophone, m’bira, percussion, vocals and more. His music ranges from a fusion world instruments with reggae & trance beats, to acoustic & meditation music. Prosad has performed across Canada, Europe, Australia & New Zealand. His music transmits a positive vibration and spiritual energy. ... more

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