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Turtle Shell Sessions

by Prosad

Walk 04:49
Walk I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk Fearless through the night, I will walk I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk Until I reach the light, I will walk Ha ya ya… (chant) I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk Fight to make things right, as I walk I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk Until I reach the light, I will walk I won’t give up! I won’t give in! I will find, Courage within! I believe that we can be free When we liberate our minds and we see What we think becomes who we are So look inside and see… who you are I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk By faith and not by sight, I will walk I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk Until I reach the light, I will walk I won’t give up! I won’t give in! I will find, Courage within!
Life is Beautiful Life is too short to waste it all on fear So I packed my things and I got out of there So much to do and see I don't worry about mistakes I got some love to give and I got some love to make Seems like everywhere the world is falling down Don't you worry What goes around comes around So many good people everywhere I go If love is what you want to reap then love is what you got to sow Don't you worry no… We'll take it nice and slow… Chorus: Life is beautiful... Bridge: Sometimes a broken heart Can make your soul bleed Sometimes the pain inside can bring you to your knees But you got to rise again reach up to the sky Dig deep inside and feel it… Feel it as you cry….. Life is beautiful, life is beautiful, with all the joy and and the pain, I would do it all again Chorus: Cause life is beautiful….. ...if we make it so
Same Sky 05:28
Same Sky I wish that I could share these stars with you I wish that we could see the same view But you’re so far away Can you hear me say… You have given so much to me You gave it all and still said I was free I felt all of your love It helped me rise above, myself There’s an ocean between us A whole different sky I still think about you The days roll on by I’m living my dreams It’s been a good year But it’s not the same Without you here Like parallel lines We are the same We never meet eye to eye Are we so different? So many miles apart Or are we beneath the same sky? Same Sky, You and I I wish that you could see me surfing waves Hear me sitting singing the days away Remember when we dreamed this Lying in your bed Our Stars may be different But it’s still like I said… Same Sky, You and I
I Found You 03:25
I Found You I felt like I had seen your face Before like a wind that blew me away And I don’t know how, but I think that I found something special now And I don’t know why, I feel like I could cry and I’m laughing instead And I looked for the light, in your eyes I found your soul behind the disguise I searched for the ways, that I could feel free And I found you, and you…you found me Maybe with this love I could touch the sky Maybe if I sang to you I could make you cry And I would feel like that would mean something We would know that our love meant something So take my hand We’re better off together don’t you understand Look into my eyes Say yes oh yes, yes oh yes, yes oh yes, to you and I Time goes away Every time I see your lovely face It feels like a prayer Every time I feel your warm embrace I looked for the light, in your eyes I found your soul behind the disguise I’ve searched for the ways, that I could feel free And I found you, and you…you found me
Take Me With You Lover sleeping next to me Take me with you in your dreams As I touch your beautiful face Feel the warmth of your embrace I don’t know who’s dreaming Is it you or me? I can feel the soul we are Beyond this world I see So lover wait for me Take me with you in your dreams Beyond the stars and all their light I’ll dream with you forever, tonight Softly breathing next to me is all my songs and poetry All the love inside I feel Looks at you and knows it’s real So lover wait for me I’ll take you with me in my dreams Beyond the stars and all their light We’ll dream together forever, tonight
Not Okay 03:51
Not Okay I’ve got a right to life and liberty A right to be what I want to be A right to say what I want to say And when you try and stop me, this is not okay This is not okay No matter what the politicians say This is not okay I don’t believe in violence, I follow the law But I could not believe just what I saw Was it an army marching through our city streets? Arresting journalists, no more freedom of speech Chorus So don’t you let nobody turn you round, Turn you round, slow you down Don’t you let nobody, turn you round You got to keep on walking, keep on talking Marching to the freedom land! It was a different story when I saw for myself Not the propaganda news they were trying to sell I’ve got a mind that can see right through those lies Like passing secret laws in the middle of the night Chorus I got a right to believe what I think is true I believe in love, now how about you? I don’t want to hurt anybody else So don’t you go and put my human rights on the shelf! Chorus
Be the Change I know about the problems Corruption and deceit Said I know about the system Controlled by the elite Said they control the money They own the media The bankers bought the governments Now they want to buy and sell us They want to buy and sell us We can be, we can be The change we want to see Destroying our planet For Money and for greed It's time that we stop taking Use only what we need Got to learn learn from Aboriginal cultures See how they respect the land Live Sustainably with nature I tell you it's a better plan I tell you it's a better plan We can be, we can be The change we want to see For the forest to be green Takes every tree within If we to beat the system This is how we're gonna win Don't wait we can do it ourselves But we got change the way we live We the people have the real power We've got to love, it's time to give We've got to love, it's time to give We can be, we can be The change we want to see


TURTLE SHELL SESSIONS was recorded in Turtle Shell Studio in Guelph; live off the studio floor in one night on December 4th, 2012. Everything was done live in one take - there are no overdubs. The percussion was done with my feet and the didgeridoo, guitar, singing, harmonica - all of it was live. It was definitely inspired in part by Xavier Rudd and also by the stories of my travels and by love. I will describe the stories of the songs below so you get a better idea of what they were inspired from. The lyrics in these songs are an important part of the album - expression of ideas through words is a big part of who I am and what I do, my words are my thoughts and my inspirations and this album gave me a chance to express that. These songs represents a moment in time, part of my journey, part of my story and I am happy to share it with you here.


On December 4th, 2012, I journeyed to Guelph Ontario on a cold winter night to record a live studio album. All of the parts you hear were recorded live in one take - there are no overdubs. I played the percussion with my feet and simultaneously sang and played guitar, harmonica and didgeridoo. We started in the late evening and recorded all night to get the right versions of each song. The idea was to capture the feeling of playing live and uncover the real energy of each song.

The guys at Turtle Shell studio were amazing and the vibe was perfect. It was great to get out of the city and record closer to nature. Also, at that time, I had been doing so much sitar and world fusion music, this album represented a return to my roots as a song-writer, something that my heart had been calling me to do for a while. My ultimate vision is to converge all of my musical passions into one integrated style, which I feel is starting to take shape now (in 2016), but back then, this was the first step - I needed to strip things back and re-discover the raw energy of live acoustic music.

The songs were inspired by multiple years of travelling around the globe and many of them were written in Australia and New Zealand. There is a strong inspiration and influence of Xavier Rudd, who I was blessed to meet and jam with and even record some vocal parts for his album, Spirit Bird.

I have many people to thank for this album. The first is Nekhat, without her, this album would not have happened. The choice of studio was her idea, she arranged everything and was the one that encouraged me to go past my fears and doubts around it. Nekhat: your energy and presence made this record possible and gave me the inspiration to make it happen; thank you for the love and support, you are part of this creation. With gratitude always.

I also want to thanks Jake Janzen and all the guys at Turtle Shell Studio. Jake stayed up all night with us and did an amazing job engineering it. He was cheerful and kind and helped the inspiration flow!

Next I want to thank Patrick Lieffers - he sat with me for a week and helped me mix the album, his feedback, suggestions and encouragement were invaluable. This is the second album that he helped mix with me - the first was "Trance Sitar". Thanks brother - you've been a big part of my musical journey!

I also want to thank Donald Chretian for the absolutely incredible artwork - this man is a genius and one of my favourite visual artists in the world right now. I had a concert in Guelph this year, just as I was finishing mixing this album. As I was driving to my gig that day, I was had a vision of the album cover being inspired by traditional Aboriginal artwork of a turtle; when I walked into Silence in Guelph I saw this amazing life size painting hanging on the wall and was immediately speechless - it was like seeing what I had imagined in my mind only better! I was blown away by the energy that I felt while standing in front of this masterpiece. Two of the songs on this album are inspired by Indigenous culture and it is with so much respect and honour that I am proud to say that after talking to Donald, he agreed to let me use a print of his painting for the album cover. It was a first for him and there are a lot of good vibes around the project. I am so honoured that he allowed me to use this artwork to showcase my album. Thank you Donald! Please check out more of his work! Miigwech. donaldchretien.com

Finally, I want to thank the Master Within, for giving me the courage and faith to let my inner artist express himself, in whatever way he feels, regardless of the consequences - this is true freedom.


released July 21, 2016

Recorded at: Turtle Shell Studios in Guelph
Recorded and Engineered by Jake Jansen
Mixed and Mastered by Prosad
Prosad - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Harmonica, Didgeridoo


all rights reserved




Prosad is a singer-songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist who plays sitar, guitar, didgeridoo, bansuri, saxophone, m’bira, percussion, vocals and more. His music ranges from a fusion world instruments with reggae & trance beats, to acoustic & meditation music. Prosad has performed across Canada, Europe, Australia & New Zealand. His music transmits a positive vibration and spiritual energy. ... more

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