My Name is Freedom (Songwriter)

by Prosad



A singer-songwriter CD filled with creative arrangements, uplifting music and inspired poetry. Lyrics are from the heart and touch on themes of peace and the struggle for freedom.

Reminiscent of George Harrison’s early Beatles songs, Drummer and Take Me With You both feature the sitar arranged together with conventional Western instrumentation.


released February 11, 2006


all rights reserved




Prosad is a singer-songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist who plays sitar, guitar, didgeridoo, bansuri, saxophone, m’bira, percussion, vocals and more. His music ranges from a fusion world instruments with reggae & trance beats, to acoustic & meditation music. Prosad has performed across Canada, Europe, Australia & New Zealand. His music transmits a positive vibration and spiritual energy. ... more

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Track Name: Money Grows on Trees
Money Grows on Trees

Well I believe that I am free
And I believe that money grows on trees
And you don’t have to agree
Believe in your self made limits
But I will choose to be free

Cause I believe money grows on trees!

Call me a fool call me what you will
But life is a feast and I will have my fill
Happy man is what I am
The thoughts I think inside of me
will soon become reality
The power is in our hands

Cause I believe money grows on trees!

I believe that I can be as free as free can be
And I believe in peace love and happiness
If you thought this song was about money
you’re wrong
It’s about the fact that we are limitless
And we can do anything, anything at all
Walk on water! Walk on Water!
I believe….. I believe!
Track Name: Best Friend
Best Friend

I have walked a thousand miles, and you’ve been there with me
And no matter how I’ve changed, with you myself was all… that I ever had to be
You pick me up when I’m feelin’ down, and I can’t help but smile when you are around

Don’t you know you’re my best friend,
You’re my best friend till the end!

Kickin’ back and feelin’ free, you and I both know that’s how life is supposed to be
I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine,
well life can bring it on because together we’ll be fine!

Don’t you know you’re my best friend,
You’re my best friend till the end!

There is no way to show that it’s your blood in my heart
There is no way to show it’s your spirit in my soul
There is no power that could tear us apart
But there is one thing that I know! (You’re my best friend)

If there’s anything you need, I’m gonna give it to you
We’re gonna live a life of joy,
And help each other make each other’s dreams come true!

Don’t you know you’re my best friend,
You’re my best friend till the end!
My love for you could never end,
Cause don’t you know you’re my best friend!
Track Name: In Your Love
In Your Love

And if You are in the night,
I will build a fire light
Even if it burns me down
And if You are in the sea,
will swim into the deep
Even if I have to drown

Cause I Want You, I Want You,
In Your Love I’ll Melt Away

And if You are in the sky,
I will grow wings I will fly
Even if I melt away
And if you are in the ground,
I will dig until You’re found,
Until my dying day

Cause I Want You,
I Want You, In Your Love I’ll Melt Away

Like the river never knows the sea
Or the seed, it never sees the tree
So I’ll never really know Your love
Until I lose myself in You and You are me

And if You’re in the Milky Way,
I’ll build a ship and fly away
Even if I’m lost out there
And if You’re in the smallest place,
I’ll dissolve into space
Even if I disappear
Now my Love I want to die today
Fall into your arms and melt away

Cause I Want You, I Want You,
In Your Love I’ll Melt Away
Track Name: Beautiful Day
Beautiful Day

Being free is a state of mind,
I feel the breeze and the warm sunshine,
Love is in the air today, I hear somebody say…

Hey! Hey! It’s a beautiful day! (Oh oh oh….)

Jammin’ in the Park on a summer night,
we’re hangin’ out and we feel alright
Christie Pits is the place to be,
so many good friends come to sing with me

I’ll bring my guitar you’ll bring your drum, brother!
And we’ll be jammin’ in the sun!

I raise my voice up to the sky,
cause I rest in the arms of the most high
Music takes me deep inside,
to the place where I feel alive
Track Name: Oh My Father
Oh My Father

When I step outside each day,
to face the world I stop and pray
I hear the shouts of anger,
but I know love is stronger
You are the light that guides me,
You are the love inside me
I feel Your hands upon my head


Oh my Father, You’ve really come for me
It’s not a dream

When I step onto the streetcar,
I know the people that I meet are
Just another part of me.
And so I pray for all of us
In the world and on the bus,
let us build a world of peace
Where dreams are ordinary
And everyone has all they want,
and every wish is real
And not a child will know of fear

You are the hope that calls me,
you are the faith that holds me
I feel You resting in my heart
You’re in my blood and in my breath,
You’re in my bones and in my flesh
I feel your bliss within my soul


And when I get to where I am,
I step off the train and
Say a prayer for my self,
That where I go You will always be,
and who I touch will feel Thee
And Everyone will know Your love!
That where I go You will always be,
and who I touch will feel Thee
And Everyone will know Your love!

Track Name: My Name is Freedom
My Name is Freedom

I believe that there’s enough room
in this world for everyone
And I believe what makes us different
makes us colorful and fun.

My name is freedom,
My name is bliss
My name is dreamer,
We all got a right to our happiness

As long as you don’t hurt anyone,
just follow your bliss
Cause I know that we all got a right,
we all got a right to our happiness

My name is freedom,
My name is bliss
My name is dreamer,
We all got a right to our happiness

And you say, what about all the limitations that I see?
Just cause that’s how it was,
that’s not how it’s got to be!
Before there were airplanes,
flying was a dream
And one day all people shall be free,
like you and me!

Brother sister come and hear me
cause you’ve got to understand
I’m a dreamer with a dream,
I’ve got a vision and a plan
Before you judge another,
you got to put away your fear
Cause you only judge yourself
when you’re looking in the mirror
I’m a Hindu, a Christian, a Buddhist-Muslim-Jew
I’m a human in the world and I feel a lot like you
We got to celebrate our difference,
but know we are the same
With kindness in our hearts,
only then can freedom reign!

You’ve got to do what you love to do
And your Freedom will come to you
Track Name: Big Bag of Rice
Big Bag of Rice

Big bag of rice
Big bag of dhal
Big bag of potatoes
And that’s all I need
That’s all, that’s all I need

Six strings of steel
And a singin’ song
Some good friends to sing along!
And that’s all I need
That’s all, that’s all I need

Cause it’s the simple life for me
A little bit of sleep and some kitchari
And we’ll sing songs all through the night
Cause love makes everything all right (right, right!)

All my money’s in my heart
My mind tells me that it’s out there
I tell my mind that you are blind
Though you have a thousand eyes
What’s in my heart is all I need

Cable TV
And a DVD
For just a little bit of luxury
That’s all I need
That’s all, that’s all I need

If you only listen to your heart
Then you’ll get all the money you can see
Inside you, in your heart
What’s in your heart is all you need!
Track Name: Drummer

You are the potter and I am the clay
I am the heart strings upon which You play
You are the writer and I am your pen
I am Your story

You are the tiller and I am the soil
You are the lamp flame and I am the oil
I am the starlight and You are the star
I am Your glory

Beat, Beat, Oh Drummer of my heart
Pound, pound, the rhythm of my part
Dance, dance, to it’s ebbing and it’s flow
Beat, beat, oh drummer of my soul

You are the bliss that my heart will taste
You are the sweet lover that I have chased
I am your flower and you are my nectar
I am you beauty

I am the leaves in you sweet summer wind
You are the sunrise that will never end
We are the lovers alone in the grass
We are forever

Track Name: Take Me With You
Take Me With You

Lover sleeping next to me
Take me with you in your dreams

As I touch your beautiful face
Feel the warmth of your embrace
I don’t know who’s dreaming
Is it you or me?
I can feel the soul we are
Beyond this world I see

So lover wait for me
Take me with you in your dreams
Beyond the stars and all their light
I’ll dream with you forever, tonight

Softly breathing next to me
is all my songs and poetry
All the love inside I feel
Looks at you and knows it’s real

So lover wait for me
I’ll take you with me in my dreams
Beyond the stars and all their light
We’ll dream together forever, tonight
Track Name: I Will
I Will

If I can do it for you, I will
If I can make it come true, I will
If I can take you there, I will
My life is yours to share,
I give you everything that I am

All your hopes
All your dreams
Every wish in your heart
Is my will

If I can cradle you softly, I will
Sing to you songs of your beauty, I will
If I can give rest to your soul, I will
Then me be the love that carries you home

Love, without limits
Joy, beyond compare
Peace, that blows your mind away! Yah!

It would make all my dreams come true
Just to give up my dreams for you
I surrender to my love for you….. for you!
Track Name: One Two Song
One Two Song

One, two, all you got to do
Is to love and everything will be fine (yah)
Three, four, I’ve opened up the door
To go beyond the walls of my mind (yah)

Slipping in-between, my thoughts into a dream
Where happiness rains down from the sky

I know, all I’ve got to do
Is love You, and love will take me through
The dark night, the good and the hard fight
And oh, I’m coming alive

One, two, the more I get to know You
I am feeling so much better all the time
Three, four, I have opened up the door
To go beyond the walls of my mind

Dancing in the sun, where everything is one
And I’m starting to remember who I am

In every seed there is a tree,
in every tree there is a forest!

One, two, dreams really do come true,
You can have everything you desire
Three, four, one thing is for sure
The more we give the more we go higher!
Track Name: Atlantis

In my mind I am free,
I can be anything that I want to be
My chains are not metal, they are mental
I know that I can be free,
freedom from mental slavery
I can think what I want to think,
I will stand where you say we sink
This chain will be as strong as its strongest link
You’ve got to feel my love and melt your ice,
we can live in paradise

Rise, Atlantis Rise!

You are consciousness bliss is what you are,
rise up and sing rock star
Let your voice ring free that’s who you are
Across the land and the desert sand
The ocean deep and the mountain peaks
The big blue skies and your big brown eyes
We’re gonna wash out the graves
of the mental slaves
And we will rise!

Cause I was never born and will never die
Where is the caterpillar now oh butterfly

Alarm rings it’s ten to seven, sun rises into the sky
I hop on my board and push it on over to the
Karma Co-op store... And go inside
Working just to pay the rent
It’s bills and things to do to pay back
money that I’ve already spent
But I’ve got starlight in my pocket,
sunlight in my eyes
Dreams in my backpack,
so rise Atlantis rise!

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